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About Word Counter

Easy to use Word Counter, which allows you to copy text from your blogs or posts to count the words. This is ideal if you're setting a goal to each 1000s of words. Keep track of how many words you are using across your site, everyone knows content is king so the more words the better right.

How to Use Word Counter Tool

This tool is very easy to use, just copy and paste in the above box on what text you want counting for words. For example; You could go to one of your lengthy blog posts and copy all your text and paste it into our word counter.

Once you have your desired text for counting your words then click on the submit button below the box. This will then calculate how many words there are and also how many characters are in the whole text.

Why use Our Word Counting Tool

Some may be thinking, "why to use a tool when I can count the words or characters myself". Well, good luck with doing that, you can do that if you want to but it can be very time-consuming. Our tool is so quick and easy to use and very beneficial saving you more time in the process.

Otherwise counting the content and words yourself for example; you may have long content to count with 2000 or more words. You be there for a long while counting them and also if you miss count or lose count it means starting again.