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About Plagiarism Checker

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying someone else's work or borrowing ideas from some else's original ideas and passing them off as your own. It is an intellectual theft that can take several forms - from intentional cheating to accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgment. Thus, whenever you use the words or thoughts of someone else in your work, you have to admit where they came out and give proper credits to the original source.

All of the following are considered acts of plagiarism:

  • to steal and pass off someone else's original ideas
  • to use someone else's project and pretending as if it is your own (without crediting the original source)
  • committing literary theft
  • partially changing words yet copying the sentence structure and format of a source without giving credit
  • copying content from another site and directly publishing it on one's own
  • stealing essays, copying assignments, and duplicating words from an already published source


SEOToolStation.com offers you with the industry's most advanced Plagiarism Checker Tool, injected with the innovative plagiarism scanning technology. This free plagiarism performs a deep plagiarism check, by comparing your document with over 50 billion web pages and millions of scholarly publications - thus ensuring you are provided with an accurate plagiarism detection report. 

Pointing out exact match sentences is an attribute common in all plagiarism checker tools, but none of these tools go to the smallest of details. Fortunately, SEOToolStation's online plagiarism checker machine detects plagiarism even in the paragraphs where the sentence structure is changed, words are replaced with synonyms, text from multiple sources is combined, or extra words are inserted in between sentences to get away with plagiarism!

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