Htaccess Redirect Generator

1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator

To play out a redirect from non-www to www or from www to non-www there's a .htaccess tool accessible on on the off chance that you need the tool to produce the code to incorporate into your site's .htaccess record, explore to from your inquiry program. On the site look down to the .htaccess redirect generator tool symbol and snap on it. It has two choices; 

Redirect from www to non-www 

Redirect from non-www to www 

The default determination is the primary alternative. Enter your area name and press 'get your code' catch. There's a captcha that will require a check. When you have done that the code produced will be shown in the Results box. Presently you can duplicate the code from here and glue it in your .htaccess document. 

After effectively refreshing the .htaccess document it will play out the redirect work. Presently the site guests will be redirected to another site flawlessly,

On web servers running the Apache Web Server programming, the .htaccess design document can be set. .htaccess is a shortened form for Hyper Text get to. At the point when this document is put the Apache Web Server will distinguish and execute the directions in this record. This record can be utilized to: 

  • Modify setup of Apache Web Server 
  • Empower/impair usefulness and highlights 
  • Handle redirects 
  • Ensure passwords 
  • Deny access to guests by IP address 
  • Redirect guests 

There are other extra capacities that the .htaccess document can be coded to perform. The name of the record can't be changed or an augmentation added to it. On the off chance that you change the name or spare it with an augmentation and transfer it; it won't be perceived. In the event that you have utilized a Content Management System like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress you may have experienced this record. You may likewise have altered it. Some web servers don't enable you to alter it. Yet, you can make your own record and transfer it to explicit registries.


The .htaccess record is a very helpful tool for website admins to control their sites. They can give easy to understand messages in the event of a blunder, consolidate secret word confinements, redirect guests, deny access from chosen IP addresses, and so on.

To give every one of these offices on Apache-based web servers requires the website admin to be completely acquainted with every one of the alternatives and must realize how to make a .htaccess document and how to utilize .htaccess. A website admin can get help from a designer or be comfortable with coding in HTML.

Keep in mind any modifications made in this record will directly affect the manner in which the site works and reacts to clients' solicitation. In this way, you should comprehend what you are doing and precisely how to do it when making changes in the .htaccess record of a site. Try not to endeavor to roll out any improvements in the event that you are new to the directions that you can encode in .htaccess.