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About Bulk GEO IP Locator

In an extremely competitive marketplace, it is vital to have as much information about your customers as possible. One method businesses can use to target past and present customers are Geo tracking. Using the Bulk GEO IP locator tool is an efficient and fantastic way to understand what your customers need. It works by using a vast network of satellites and mobile phone towers to accurately show where IP addresses originate from around the world. Not only does this allow for targeted marketing, but it also shows your business where the bulk of your website's traffic is coming from.

The GEO IP locator tool allows you to determine specifically what city the IP address is coming from. However, sometimes this is not enough. The information gathered from a GEO IP locator may occasionally be altered. This happens if someone is using a proxy server or a virtual private network (VPN) to hide where they actually are. This can corrupt and misinform your business's strategy on how to attract them. If this happens, fear not! Additional applications on the internet can be used to correctly identify where your customers are located. These applications host databases full of IP users and, by using them can increase the accuracy of the GEO IP locator to the exact street where your customer may be.

Another amazing feature the GEO IP locator has is that it can track mobile phones while they are moving around. It uses internet service providers and cell phone towers to track the exact location of the phone. While the phone has its GPS on it becomes extremely easy to pinpoint exactly where in the world a phone maybe. Unfortunately, if the phone's GPS is turned off, the accuracy may be slightly diminished. 

One of the benefits of the GEO IP Locator for businesses is that it helps design a marketing strategy that can be employed immediately. Imagine learning that the majority of your customers are located in Mexico. Using the GEO IP locator you can track that data and cater to there needs. Perhaps switching your product description to Spanish would help attract even more customers from Mexico. The possibilities for the GEO IP locator are truly endless. 

A real-world example for the GEO IP locator is law enforcement. Law enforcement uses this exact technology to track down websites engaged in illegal activities such as selling narcotics, money laundering and piracy. 

In addition, businesses can use the GEO IP locator to confirm the legitimacy of the people they are conducting business with. Why would a business agree to a huge deal that states "cash on delivery" for a product being shipped to the United States when the IP address for the customer originates in Spain? The GEO IP locator allows you the peace of mind, knowing that the business you are conducting is fully secure and your payment is coming from a reputable customer.